ISO 10012
This International Standard includes both requirements and guidance for implementation of measurement management systems, and can be useful in improving measurement activities and the quality of products.
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Introduction in Measurement management systems ISO 10012
An effective measurement management system ensures that measuring equipment and measurement processes are fit for their intended use and is important in achieving product quality objectives and managing the risk of incorrect measurement results. The objective of a measurement management system is to manage the risk that measuring equipment and measurement processes could produce incorrect results affecting the quality of an organization’s product. The methods used for the measurement management system range from basic equipment verification to the application of statistical techniques in the measurement process control.
Measurement process ISO 10012
In this International Standard, the term “measurement process” applies to physical measurement activities (e.g. in design, test, production, inspection).
One of the stated management principles in ISO 9000 addresses the process-oriented approach. Measurement processes should be considered as specific processes aiming to support the quality of the products produced by the organization. Application of the measurement management system model applicable to this International Standard is shown in Figure this Standard EN ISO 10012. .
References to this International Standard can be made
a) by a customer when specifying products required,
b) by a supplier when specifying products offered,
c) by legislative or regulatory bodies, and
d) in assessment and audit of measurement management systems.

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